Publication of the Special Section ‘Beyond Trauma’ in Medicine, Anthropology, Theory

It has been over a year since we held the September 2014 London Workshop. Since then, we have been putting together a collection of articles and commentaries for publication. And I am delighted to report that we have just published our  Special Section ‘Beyond “Trauma”, a fruit of our September 2014 workshop, in Medicine, Anthropology, Theory!

We are pleased and excited to be able to publish these pieces not too long after our event, given the urgency of the debate. The special section, in the words of the journal editors Vinh-Kim Nguyen and Eileen Moyer, “undertakes an impressive effort to reframe multiple objects, including psychiatric diagnosis, the Middle East as a region, and interdisciplinarity. With excellent editorial introductions written by both Behrouzan and Michael Fischer, and the text of the keynote lecture given by Jennifer Leaning, we keep our comments brief here and invite our readers to explore the three original articles by Behrouzan, Omar Dewachi, and Zuzanna Olszewska, as well as two Think Pieces, one by Veena Das and another by Hanna Kienzler and Zeina Amro, on a topic that seems particularly relevant given current events in Syria and the Middle Eastern region today.”

I have outlined the aims and aspirations of the collection in my Introduction to the Special Section. I am grateful to all those who participated in our 2014 workshop, even if they haven’t been published in this special section. More specifically, I would like to thank the contributors for their wonderful pieces and insight. I would also like to reiterate here my gratitude for the support and hard work of the editorial team of Medicine Anthropology Theory, particularly Vinh-Kim Nguyen, Eileen Moyer, and Erin Martineau, for their recognition of the urgency of this debate and for accommodating our section in this issue.

Please take a look and circulate:

We look forward to hearing your comments, to expanding this group, and to continuing towards the next phases of this project.

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