Beyond “Trauma”: Workshop Agenda

Only three weeks left! Looking forward to bringing together a distinguished group of scholars in London on September 27, 2014. Each of the participants are located within particular networks of scholarly work and practice, bringing together an unprecedented combination of ‘on the ground’ experience and academic analysis for mental health in the Middle East. This workshop aims to set the stage for and lead a timely debate, resulting in a multi-sited and multi-disciplinary collaborative project. We will open the day with a welcome address by the head of the Department for Social Science, Health and Medicine (SSHM), Professor Nikolas Rose.  I am honoured to announce that we shall have a keynote address delivered by Professor Jennifer Leaning, followed by seven presentations/think-pieces by Omar Al-Dewachi, Hanna Kienzler, Zuzanna Olszewska, Lamia Moghnieh, Rita Giacaman, Sa’ed Atshan and myself. We will then close the day with a one hour-long summation panel. Throughout the day, we will keep the style informal and the numbers small; each of participants will be asked to both present their work and to identify, for the purpose of a larger project, priorities, conceptual gaps and possibilities that they have encountered in their work. In the summation panel, we will have distinguished scholars such as Professors Veena Das and Nadje Al-Ali, who will draw on the main themes that emerge from the day’s interactions; we will outline the project’s foci, both conceptually and methodologically, and will outline the project’s main research questions (2-3 core questions). We hope that this core working group will grow in the future as we further outline the aims and objectives of the project and its proposal.

We have a very limited number of seats available, and free registration is done on a first come first served basis. For registration or more information please email, with “Workshop Registration” in the subject line :

I look forward to a very exciting conversation.

Workshop organiser,

Orkideh Behrouzan MD, PhD

King’s College London

Click here to see the official announcement of the workshop

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